jeudi 3 avril 2014

Open letter to Egyptians who spit on their country and its people

Open letter to Egyptians who spit on their country and its people

Tarek Ezzat
EnglishTranslation by Prof. Samia I. Spencer

For some time now, I have been watching Egyptians self-proclaiming to be experts on Egypt. They are busy at work, speaking on radio stations, writing in newspapers, and appearing on TV shows, asserting their expertise in what is going on in our country.

Some condemn a coup d’état, some decry the advent of a dictatorship, and some even uphold the sham that Morsi was the first and only democratically elected president of Egypt.


What have you to say about entire villages where Christians were deprived of voting, either by blackmail or threats?

What have you to say about the nine million fake ballots distributed to Morsi’s friends, so that each could vote five or six times?

What have you to say about the thousands of ballot results delivered to the national printing press, even before the opening of the polls?

What have you to say about the threat of burning the country if Morsi were not declared the winner? 

Have you forgotten all this? Lest you think it is undeniable proof of real and genuine democracy.

It is not surprising that the watchdogs and the guardians of western imperialism benefit from your obscene declarations, and spread your propaganda and disinformation in the media they control: Claude Guibal at Radio France, Marie France Catin of RFI, Bernard Henri Levy at Arte, Christiane Amanpour at CNN, and others at The Washington Post, to mention but a few.

These lies are supported by a mushrooming pool of  Aspecialists of Egypt,@ such as Marc Lavergne, Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron, Le Monde, France 24, Euronews, and the BBC.

Today, following the popular uprising in Egypt, you lament the lack of freedom of expression, the death sentence on the Islamist mafia, and you herald loud and clear the coming of a military dictatorship in Egypt.

Military dictatorship? Why? Because Egypt may be governed by an ex-military? Is a military man unavoidably a dictator?

Since, no doubt, you are endowed with a rational mind; you must be convinced that Eisenhower was a great dictator, not to speak of De Gaulle, an ex-military man who oppressed his people in an abominable dictatorship.

By the way, De Gaulle’s curriculum vitae also included a heinous coup against Field Marshal Pétain, the President of the Republic. The democratically elected Field Marshal had bowed to Adolph Hitler, another democratically elected ruler.  

Thus, you have determined, even before his election that Field Marshal Al-Sissi is already a dictator. For you, no doubt, all that sparkle is gold.

(Photo of Islamist democracy, under Morsi the Democrat)

Now, back to Morsi, the great democratically elected democrat. You undoubtedly know that this auspicious man had violated the Constitution, enacted a constitutional decree granting himself absolute powers, infringing on the independence of the justice system by firing the Public Prosecutor and replacing him with a lackey at his service.

Where were you when Morsi instigated this coup d’état? This genuine coup executed with the help of his militia, his armed gangs, and his mafia?

Where were you when our soldiers were kidnaped in the Sinai, and Morsi demanded that their abductors not be prosecuted?

Where were you when our soldiers were assassinated in cold blood near Gaza?

(Photo of Soldiers and Policemen Assassinated by the Islamists)

Where were you when Morsi’s Government sought to protect freedom of expression by outlawing Dream TV?

Where were you when the Islamist members of Parliament sought to legalize female excision and lower the legal marriage age for girls to 9-year olds?

Where were you when, in the name of a sinister law prohibiting the denigration of religions, only Christians were indicted?

Where were you when peaceful demonstrators were assassinated at Etehadeya, Maspero, and Tahrir?

Where were you when Shiite Egyptians were savagely slaughtered while praying at home?

Where were you when an Islamist militia (Al nahy an el monkar) threatened to kill journalists such as Said Shoeb and his wife Islam Azzam, and murdered a young man in cold blood because he was guilty of holding his fiancée’s hand?

Where were you when Morsi’s militia raided the Constitutional Court to block the passage of a judgment?

Where were you when children were thrown and killed from atop of a building because they had criticized Morsi?

Where were you when young girls were gunned down after a church service?

Where were you when Morsi’s police jailed children, tortured them, and raped them in their cells, while leaving the sick among them unattended? (1)

Where were you when the police conducted virginity tests on young women? (2)

Where were you when Morsi’s militia butchered a young woman in Alexandria, slashing her body more than two hundred times, because she dared to place the petition of Tamarod (Rebellion) on the windshield of her car?

Where were you when Morsi named Governor of Aswan one of the organizers of the Luxor carnage that killed dozens of tourists?

Where were you when Morsi announced a project of Islamic bonds (Sokouk) that would surrender the Suez Canal to Qatar?

Where were you when the Cairo Coptic Orthodox church was raided, set on fire, and its worshipers killed in cold blood?

Where were you when young Christian girls were kidnaped, raped, killed, or hurled into forced marriage to become sexual slaves destined for the sexual urge of valiant democrats at the service of the first democratically-elected president?

Where were you when the Islamists shrouded orphans to use them as human shields, promising them to go to heaven if they were sacrificed?

Where were you, you the distinguished elite, the great thinkers, and the enlightened specialists when Morsi’s Minister of Culture unilaterally decided to close the Cairo Opera?

Where were you, Robert Solé, the eminent writer, Alain Greish, the renowned journalist, Hisham Mourad, the Editor-in-Chief of Al Ahram Hebdo and the prominent political science professor at Cairo University? With such learned professionals, Egypt’s future is certain to be bright. (3)

You were not present. You were not heard on the radio. You were not seen on TV. You did not shout with indignation. You did not summon Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, and other organizations supporting human rights, or those defending the rights of bearded men.

Today, you are proudly parading from one media to another to spit your venom on Egypt, and to stain a people seeking to defend its life and the democratic rights it won by voting in favor of its new Constitution. 

Therefore, you may fool yourself and the world by thinking that you stand for something in Egypt.

The truth is that you do not even stand for yourself. You are your masters’ voice, the voice of those who tell you what to say or not to say. Those who tell you what to think.

You cannot fool anyone, especially not the Egyptians.



(3) Listen to AEgypt in Crisis,@ on the site of


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  1. Excuse me, but you are not telling the whole truth. Dr. Hicham Mourad appeared on Tv just after the 30 of june defendig the people's choice, loud and clear. Please read his articles before judging.

    1. Listen on the RFI link what did Hisham Mourad say, AFTER june 30, and what I wrote about that here